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Tel: (909) 393-1000
Fax: (909) 393-8823
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Attending Physician

Participates in the Plan of Care and remains the patient's primary physician.

Hospice Medical Director

Oversees 'Plan of Care' and advises the hospice team.
Skilled Nurse
assesses and manages pain and other symptoms related to the disease. Makes regular visits teaching caregivers how to care for family members and provide comfort care.

Home Health Aide
Provides personal care and assistance with activities of daily living, feeding and bathing.
Social Worker
Deals with psychosocial needs of the patient/family facing terminal illness. Coordinates  services with patient's physician and community resources. Available to assist with legal, financial, and social services.

Spiritual Counselor
Provides support and comfort directly or contact local clergy at the request of the patient/family.
Bereavement Counselor Provides support during hospice care and for 13 months after death. Services can range from crisis intervention, information and intervention for children, to private and group grief support, and family/individual counseling.

Trained to provide respite, emotional support, companionship, and assist with day-to-day activities.
The Hospice  Interdisciplinary Team

Dietician, Physician, Occupational, Speech, and Other Therapist
are available by consultation as needs are identified.
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