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The Hospice  Interdisciplinary Team
Attending Physician - participates in the Plan of Care and remains the patient's primary physician.
Hospice Medical Director - oversees Plan of Care and advises the hospice team.
Skilled Nurse - assesses and manages pain and other symptoms related to the disease. Makes regular visits teaching caregivers how to care for family members and provide comfort care.
Home Health Aide - Provides personal care and assistance with activities of daily living, feeding and bathing.
Social Worker - Deals with psychosocial needs of the patient/family facing terminal illness. Coordinates  services with patient's physician and community resources. Available to assist with legal, financial, and social services.
Spiritual Counselor - Provides support and comfort directly or contact local clergy at the request of the patient/family.
Bereavement Counselor - Provides support during hospice care and for 13 months after death. Services can range from crisis intervention, information and intervention for children, to private and group grief support, and family/individual counseling.
Volunteer - Trained to provide respite, emotional support, companionship, and assist with day-to-day activities.
Dietician, Physician, Occupational, Speech, and Other Therapist - are available by consultation as needs are identified.